Cosmopolitan Movers May 2005


In 2001, Kim Keel; started Belle Regalo – a web based supplier of Corporate Gifts – with no capital or assets. In spite of everything, this single mom has grown her business phenomenally winning clients Anglo platinum, GE South Africa and Primedia@Home. In 2003 her company was named Gauteng ‘start-up business of the year’ by the businesswoman’s Association and Nedbank. Keel wants to become the ‘Coca-Cola’ of the corporate gift sector, and recently started a new web based project called Vixen Jewellery.


I love the creativity of Belle Regalo. I want the passion of gift-giving to return. I want people to see that clients are the lifeblood of their corporations and that clients, just like our friends want to feel valued and want to see that you have put thought into their gift.


I love it. Plus I want to set an example to my beautiful daughter, so that as she sees me reaching for my dreams, she’ll believe no one can stand in the way of hers. I want her to know that anything is possible.

Cosmopolitan Movers May 2005
By Laura Beukes

BWA Regional Achievers Awards: Johannesburg

START UP Category Winner: Kim Keel

Kim Keel is the Managing Member of Belle Regalo - a corporate gifts company she started in February 2001. Having been involved in the corporate gift industry either from a supply or purchasing basis for over eight years, Kim was frustrated by the endless range of catalogues that categorised clients into a budget driven purchasing decision.

Belle Regalo prides itself on adding creativity to their clients gifting options. In many cases, by creating a solid gifting strategy that matches the client spend to their profile, you can achieve a greater impact with the same budget.

"We are not another supplier of corporate gifts - Belle Regalo is your partner in providing gifting solutions that will assist you in managing your clients."

Belle Regalo is also committed to supporting women in the community and actively promotes suppliers that provide income-earning potential to women through their projects. With every hand made box or beaded work purchased, you know that they will be purchased from a local non-profit organisation that trains women in the community to provide them with income producing skills.

"Our hand-painted ceramics are purchased from a disabled lady whose life was dramatically changed after a severe accident. It has been a struggle of many years to put her life back together, including hours of physical rehabilitation and operations. Her work was short-listed for the Harrods Catalogue section, so you are ensured of a top quality product. These products are made to order and can incorporate your corporate colours."

Keel joined the BWA for its networking opportunities as it provides her with the opportunity to do prospecting. "It is difficult to start prospecting with a young child in the background, so these meetings are ideal for me."

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